• Welcome to the Gonzales ISD libraries department!

    Our Collective Commitments: 
    1. We will collaborate with students, staff, and families to create a community of empowered learners. 
    2. We will inspire a spirit of innovation, passion, and curiosity. 
    3. We will promote a growth mindset through literacy and learning.
    4. We will create a safe environment of acceptance, awareness, and diversity.
    Our Vision: 
    GISD libraries will be collaborative communities inspiring all stakeholders to be lifelong learners. 
    Our Mission: 
    Look. Listen. Learn



  • GISD library staff

    Eve Waddell

    District Librarian

    Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Texas

    Master of Science in Library Science, University of North Texas

    Julie Burek

    Gonzales Junior High library support staff

    Laura Cantu

    Gonzales North Avenue library support staff

    Paula Barta

    Gonzales Elementary library support staff